Alice Banks

Alice Banks is a textile-based artist, researcher, and maker. Her curiosity for textiles developed at a young age, as did her love of colour! She learnt to knit as a child and has been working with yarn ever since. She completed a Textile based undergraduate from OCAD University and is currently an MFA candidate at NSCAD University.

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Erin Wells, BFA

Well versed in a myriad of pottery techniques, Erin is a fantastic resource for potters of all skill levels. Whether you are looking to throw larger and more complicated pieces, explore surface decoration, master coil or slab-building, troubleshoot mould making, venture into figure sculpting, or just make some gifts for your friends and family, this instructor is ready to help you dive-in and get your hands muddy.
Originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, Erin started her studies at Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) where she fell in love with clay under the tutelage of Robert Troxel. She created an exchange program with the world-renowned Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute and joined the university as their first western exchange student. She transferred to NSCAD University where she completed her BA in Fine Art: Ceramics, winning the first full Walter Ostrom Scholarship, before moving to Montreal to participate in numerous residencies while teaching workshops. She apprenticed under figurative sculptor Joel A Prevost for 2 years before moving back to Halifax where she currently works as the soul proprietor of Deep Harbour Pottery.

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Gina Brigante

Gina Brigante (b. 1997, Winnipeg, Manitoba) is currently based in Kjipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Brigante received her BFA in Ceramics (Honours) from NSCAD University in 2022. Her work has been shown in several group exhibitions during her time at NSCAD, including two in partnership with Parks Canada and Habitat for Humanity. In 2018 Brigante did a one month residency at Kejimkujik National Park, collecting research and inspiration from the natural environment while living in her tent in the woods. Although ceramics has been her primary focus, Brigante explored several other mediums during her years at art school such as printmaking, bookbinding, painting, sculpture, wood and metal works.

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Hannah Craig

Hannah W Craig is an art jeweller and silversmith from southern Manitoba, currently based in Halifax, NS. She holds a BFA in Jewellery Design & Metalsmithing from NSCAD University and a Preliminary Level Certification from the Canadian Gemmological Association, in addition to having previously studied Philosophy and Art History at the University of Winnipeg. Her work is inspired by myth, magic, and mysticism, drawing on concepts from existentialism and psychoanalysis to explore the depths of the human experience. Her creative practice seeks to bring an element of the magical and mysterious into the everyday.

Hannah is inspired by jewellery both for its emotional power and its technical challenges, and loves to share these parts of jewellery with others through exhibiting and teaching. Her jewellery motto is “I love problem solving” and she looks forward to sharing her favourite techniques and solving some problems with you!

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Hannah Proctor

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Hannah Proctor is a young aspiring artist and recent graduate of the NSCAD University Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing program. Having always been intrigued and influenced by the arts, Hannah spent the vast majority of her formative years exploring different mediums and creating work with the guidance of her mother. She began her post-secondary journey as an interdisciplinary sculpture student but after one holloware class, she quickly took to jewellery and began creating sculptural adornment. The artist finds inspiration in the intricacies of the natural world and the cold materiality of machinery both past and present, these fascinations work in tandem with Hannah’s knack for material exploration as she utilises and combines different materials to create complex pieces that push the bounds of what is considered jewellery.

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Ivan Flores

Ivan Flores (he/they) is an award-winning textiles artist exploring identity and emotions tied to their personal experiences and how they navigate the world as a queer, Afro-Latino, second-gen immigrant based in Kjipuktuk, or otherwise known as Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a believer that identity is intrinsically tied to everything any individual does, Ivan relies on intuition in his practice, expecting that his intuitive choices will be directly influenced by who he is as a person. This extends to materiality, colour, process and technique in their work.

Ivan holds a BFA at NSCAD University, with a major in Textiles/Fashion. At NSCAD, he has spent his time experimenting with weaving, fabric screen printing, embroidery, beading, garment construction and pattern making.

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Jackie Toner

Jackie Toner, also known as Woods(wo)man Woodworking is an emerging woodworking and turning artist based in Windsor, NS. She is a self-directed artist who also holds BSc & MSc in Kinesiology and is currently a PhD Candidate in the field of Health & Safety. It was through her academia lifestyle that she leaned into working with her hands as a creative outlet and form of meditation. Through her work, Jackie aspires to showcase the natural beauty of woods from around the world while infusing modern design elements and techniques. Her current work focuses on unlocking alternative uses of the lathe and stepping outside of its traditional practices.

You can find her on Instagram at @woodswoman_woodworking or on her website:

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Jessie Fraser

Currently living in Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Jessie Fraser is a craft oriented visual artist working predominantly in the medium of fibre. Her practice considers how photographs, literature and cloth may be combined, to investigate the affective potential of woven cloth and text in site-sensitive installations. Fraser completed an MFA in 2019 at the Alberta University of the Arts in Craft Media. She has participated in multiple residencies, most recently at the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia and has exhibited work in a number of venues throughout Alberta and Nova Scotia; including group shows at VivianeArt and Stride Gallery. Image, text and textiles, along with photographic and weaving processes are used as sites of intuitive and emotional investigation. Using time as both a process and a material, Jessie’s practice is the process of weaving. She weaves not only with thread but also with historic narratives and atmospheric feeling.

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Jodi Beazley

Born, raised, and educated in Halifax, N.S., Jodi earned BA and Art Education Degrees at NSCAD and later returned to work on her Masters in Art Education.

Since 1990, Jodi has taught Art and Pottery in public schools and community centres. While living in B.C. for the last 18 years, she ran a private pottery school and sold her pieces in galleries throughout the province.

Her love of cooking and entertaining has evolved in her large functional tableware which welcomes ”gatherings” at her table. The surface relief carving and glazing reflects the ebb and flow of the East Coast Ocean.

Jodi feels that teaching and making inform one another. Jodi’s relationships and interactions with her students revives her enthusiasm for her own work, which is then shared back to the students.

Jodi recently returned home to Nova Scotia and is excited to re-establish her studio.

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Ken Flett

I am a Nova Scotia based visual artist and l have generally worked with black and white photographs incorporating them with various objects.  

In the last few years l have mainly concentrated on mixed media without the black and white photos using stitching, embroidery, mosaic, and other hand done work that requires time and patience.

I work with themes of love and memory, hope and loss.  I am interested in making the invisible visible, not just as art, but by giving importance to stories that would otherwise be lost and forgotten. 

I also have worked with cloth dolls for many years, incorporating them into stop motion and other photographic work.  I have taught many workshops and summer schools on pinhole cameras, stop motion, doll making, mixed media, and assemblage. I enjoy teaching. 


Ken Flett can best be described as a bricoleur. A “bricoleur” is a kind of handyman who enjoys adroitly drawing upon all sorts of everyday things – whatever is at hand – to attend to those things that make the good life.

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Leandra Brandson

Leandra Brandson is an interdisciplinary artist currently located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She primarily focuses on queer identity, and how intersectional lived experiences can come together to form collective thought. She uses clay to build large-scale figurative sculptures. Her works primarily use paints, underglaze, and textiles to achieve a blend of surface textures. Brandson relies on lived experience and intersectional dialogue for inspiration.

Brandson graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours in 2021 from the University of Manitoba. She held a position as an instructor in ceramics through the city of Winnipeg. From 2021 -2022, Brandson was an Artist in Residence at Medalta in the Historic Clay District. During her time in residence, Brandson taught and produced ceramic ware in Medalta’s production facility on-site. She hasshownin multiple spaces across Western Canada. Brandson relocated from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Halifax, Nova Scotia inlate 2022.


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Nancy Boyne

Nancy has been weaving for 49 years. She was taught by a local Master Weaver, Mrs Dorothy Hill, who had a studio and shop in Halifax and also studied in Sweden.

She is primarily a functional weaver who loves working with natural fibres, colour, and texture.

She has taken many workshops in different techniques from very respected and experienced weavers from Europe, Canada and the US. She has also taught workshops and given private lessons in her home-based studio which houses 6 looms. She has been a consultant for several movies, renting her home and weaving and teaching actors to weave. Her studio was moved to Chester and to Halifax twice to be used in films several years ago.

Working with Design Business Nova Scotia and NSCAD U, she was on a team that took part in a project called the “Living Spaces Project”. The goal was to create a Gallery Suite at the Radisson Hotel which would provide a “comfortable space” for business and leisure guests in an “upscale” setting while also providing a showcase for original, innovative products designed by N.S. designers. It was a very successful concept being tried in Europe.

She has taught at Craft NS for 15 years and has sold her work throughout North America, Britain, and in many shops and juried markets in NS.

She believes that her work should be used and enjoyed.

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Rhonda Miller, BA, MLIS

Rhonda Miller is a bookbinder with nearly twenty years experience and she has an undying fascination with book structure and historical bookbinding techniques. As a book artist, she does custom bookbinding, book repair and restoration, artists books, and paper marbling. Her work has been included in book art exhibits in various locations and in 2018 she won the Heritage Washi Award for her book in the CBBAG Art of the Book Exhibition. She has contributed to a number of bookbinding publications and has been interviewed for the Bookbinding Now podcast series.

While earning her Masters of Library and Information Studies, she took bookbinding courses through the Dawson Printshop at Dalhousie University. Later, she continued to develop her skills through a variety of workshops and intensive learning events such as the Paper and Book Intensive. Rhonda is owner and operator of MyHandboundBooks and Scotia Bookbinding and she teaches bookbinding classes at Craft Nova Scotia and at The Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Wenjing Yan, BFA

Wenjing Yan graduated in 2020 from Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design (NSCAD) University in Halifax with a BFA major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing. During her studies, she did an exchange in Germany at Pforzheim Hochschule. She also has BFA degree in Animation Design in China.

She has participated in many exhibitions. Among those exhibitions are the Solo “WE”Exhibition; Alchemy5 of 13th Enamelling Exhibition; the 19th International Silver Triennial Exhibition; New Taipei City International Metal Craft Exhibition; Annual SNAG Student Slide Exhibition; and the VMAA Vancouver Metal Arts Association [Play]ground Exhibition.

She loves to experiment with new materials and methods to create and develop her jewellery designs.

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